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Composition Rules. OK!

“The more constraints one imposes, the more one frees one's self. And the arbitrariness of the constraint serves only to obtain precision of execution.”
Igor Stravinsky

Throughout his teaching career, and whether working with 4 yearolds, or 24 year-olds, Patrick has always spent considerable time and energy encouraging composition. Whatever ones relationship to music ultimately will be, from professional concert performer to passionate concert goer, this relationship will be enhanced by a knowledge of the process of composition.

Many flatly deny that they can compose, stating that they lack the inspiration or imagination to accomplish this. Patrick says,‘Nonsense!’ Everybody has the capacity to create, and this capacity can be enhanced through the development of technique.

Constructing music is, in a sense, like constructing anything else, once one knows the purpose, or function, that the piece should fulfill, then one draws up plans, and creates details that are appropriate.

But, where to begin?

Nothing is so daunting as sitting in silence staring at a mute instrument and a blank sheet of paper. Stravinsky knew this, and needed certain constraints, or frameworks, within which, suddenly and miraculously his creativity was granted the freedom to take flight.

With this in mind, Patrick created the concept of ‘Composition Rules.OK! Which is, essentially, a board-based game that, step by step can provide a framework, points of reference, and precise stimuli to get the creative juices flowing.

Now, there is no guarantee that ones work will ultimately stand comparison with Bach, Mozart or Beethoven. A special gift (of GENIUS!) is required to create masterpieces of that order. Patrick does guarantee, however, that if you follow the rules of this game one will end up with structured compositions in which one can truly take pride.

The Composition Rules.OK! set contains a game board, and several dozen rule cards. Each set, fully laminated, is made to order, and, if so desired, individual sets can be tailored to the requirements of institutions, geographical locations, or any other intangibles that might make this creative experience more personal and meaningful to oneself or ones students.

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