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Corporate services

It is well known that a work force is more productive when it is happy, well motivated and displays good team spirit.

Patrick's corporate workshops are proven at building this essential ingredient for successful companies.

Research has shown music and theatre to be excellent vehicles for corporate team building. (You may have seen TV documentaries on this).

Patrick is expert at planning half- or whole-day performance-based corporate workshops, usually culminating in a staged performance to which the family and friends of your employees are invited to be the audience.

If you are planning a team-building, group-bonding event, why not contact Patrick?


Patrick plans and provides opportunities for song, dance, mime and improvisation, tailored to the needs of your company and the skills and personalities of your work force.

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Past events have seen lawyers and accountants on their hands and knees scrubbing the deck, personal assistants vamping it up as femmes fatales, and members of the dispatch department getting their heads together to decide on a plan to break the bank at Monte Carlo!


Interested? Contact Patrick for more information.