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Patrick has just had his second symphony premiered by the acclaimed Musica Nova orchestra in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

His popularity is reaching new heights, and he is now creating a name for himself in many fields of composition, including musicals, symphonies, concertos, popular music and commissioned work.


Reviews and testimonials

Symphony No2 "DEBS"

From Warren Cohen, Conductor and Artistic director of Musica Nova

"BTW, the response I have had to your Symphony has been so positive that I can only say that I feel really justified in my faith in the work. It was so worth it! And despite the fact that it is truly the hardest piece I have ever conducted, it felt wonderful to do it." 

"I listened to your symphony and was most impressed. It's very powerful."    Richard 'Tony' Arnell

"Patrick! Your symphony! What an undertaking! And a splendid achievement!  Congratulations!" Prof. Stanley Glasser

From Sarah Miller - Musica Nova Violinist

Mr. Jonathan,
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed playing your Second Symphony with Musica Nova recently. When we first rehearsed it I was not so sure that I was going to like it but as we kept on rehearsing I grew more and more fond of it. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and am thrilled to have been a part such a fantastic performance. What a wonderful piece of music! Thank you so much for being at the rehearsals and the performance. It was really a treat to work with you.
Sarah Miller
(back of the second violins!)



Father Christmas - Super Sleuth


This was a great show - the critics loved it.. click here for a full review..





Gone Troppo




Millenium tree


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