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About Patrick

Patrick Jonathan is a refreshingly melodic modern performed composer.

Here he writes about his most recent Symphony - Symphony No2 "DEBS", which was premiered by Musica Nova in Arizona, USA on 28th Jan 2007.

The inspiration for this came from many places, but particularly his family. Each movement is based on the personality of his immediate family - his wife Debbie, daughter Leela, and sons Rohan and Kiran...

As part of the premiere of his second symphony, Patrick participated in a panel based question and answer session with the audience. This was not only an insight into his symphony, but the general style and vision behind all his music.

He is particularly versatile, in that he has written many types of music, ranging from pop songs, musicals, concertos, film scores and of course 2 symphonies.

Patrick's score for “Little Violet and the Angel” was nominated for the BOH Cameronian Award-the Malaysian equivalent of a Tony Award, in 2004. http://www.gardnerandwife.com/04_violet_2.asp

Patrick is particularly aware that his life experiences have not just moulded him, but also the sources of inspiration and experience he can call upon when writing music.

Like any gifted artist, he draws on life's experiences as well as the sounds and melodies that come to him in his imagination - yes he hears sounds in his head - but his are wonderful! He is driven to put this inspiration down on paper ( or computer these days ), as much for his own satisfaction as particularly to have it performed and listened to by others. But this does not detract from the melodic nature of his work. Although he appreciates the skill and art of modern composers, when writing his symphonic works, he also is strongly driven that music should be tuneful in its essence and have a satisfying harmonic basis as well as a technically accomplished symphonic structure. This combination has brought him significant acclaim from his recent premiere...

The acclaimed British composer Tony Arnell has been the major influence on Patrick's musical life. Patrick calls Tony "his mentor" and is always keen to talk about Tony and Tony's work as much as his own!

Patrick is an ardent Manchester United football fan. His wife Debbie has to put up with a picture of the Manchester United legend George Best in their bedroom!

Patrick and Debbie


Patrick's Musical CV

Patrick Jonathan is a Londoner born and bred. For three years he attended the Corona Academy  of the  Dramatic Arts  in Chiswick,  where he  was given  a solid grounding  in  many  styles  of  dancing,  acting  and  singing.  During  this  time  he had  a number  of  small roles  in films,  television  programmes and  commercials, including the Oscar winning Musical, Fiddler  on the  Roof, and Tommy Steele’s Tribute to Charlie Chaplin.

As a pupil at Wandsworth School he sang in concert, on television, and on record with the renowned choir while studying piano at the Guildhall School of Music.  He  obtained  a  BMus  (hons)  degree  from  Goldsmiths’  College,  London University,  where  he  studied  under  Stanley  Glasser  and  Edward  Gregson.  He also studied  the mechanics of  Film Scoring  at two Summer  Schools conducted by  Don  Ray,  Music  Supervisor,  CBS  Television,  Hollywood  -  the  composer  of scores  for  Hawaii  5-0,  Gilligan’s   Island  and  other  successful  series  -  and informally  with  Richard  Arnell  at the  London  International  Film  School,  where he contributed scores for more than a dozen short films.

Patrick  has  worked  as  a  restaurant  pianist,  studio  musician,  and  band member of several bands - Goodstuff, Tender Loving Care - in the London area, and  also  as a  freelance  music  copyist, editor  and  proof  reader.  For 4 years he was the manager of the Orchestral Hire Department of the publishers Schott & Co., London, where he oversaw the copying, editing, production and hiring of all contemporary compositions, including the final opera, New Year, of Sir Michael Tippett.

Patrick qualified as a primary school teacher in 1991, and since that time has drawn on his experience as a composer of more than a thousand pop songs, as  well  as  concert  items  such as  symphonies,  piano  concertos,  string  quartets and  sonatas   to  compose  a  number   of  stage  musicals  for   performance  by children. More recently has branched out into composing musical theatre pieces for  adults,  many  of  which  have  been  performed  to  considerable  popular  and critical acclaim.

As   a   part-time   lecturer   in   Musical   Theatre   at   UiTM   in   Shah   Alam, Malaysia,  Patrick  set  himself  the  challenge  of  producing  an  original  piece  of music  theatre  each  semester,  tailored  to  the  needs  of  the  students  he  was teaching.  The  fruits  of  this  enterprise  include  Hair  Dos  and  Don’ts,  for  four female characters,  set in a  Beauty Salon,  and bowled.over?, for  thirteen female and  one male  character, set  in the  competitive  world of  women’s league  tenpin bowling.

For  the  Actors  Studio,  K.L.,  Patrick  has  devised  and  presented  In the Spotlight,  a   series  of  courses   aimed  at  giving   children  aged  6-12   a  solid grounding  in the  skills  required  for performing  in  musical  theatre. From  these courses,  three productions,  Generation  20/20,  Reading’s  the  Key  and Father Christmas:  Super  Sleuth   have  been  presented  on  the  stage  of  the  Bangsar theatre  with considerable success.  He also contributed a monthly column on developing children’s performance skills for Living Arts Malaysia magazine.

In  2004   Patrick  was  nominated  for  a  Boh/Cameronian  Award  for  the original music he composed for Little Violet and the Angel, a production he also appeared in.
As  well  as  conducting  performance-based  corporate  training  days  and working  weekly, for  a year,  on  music and  movement  skills with  the children  of Kiwanis, Taman Tun, Patrick has composed music for film, video and radio, and worked  as  a  musical  advisor  and  project  consultant  for  Malaysian  performers such as Sean Ghazi and Kenneth Paul.

Of  late,  Patrick  has  been  concentrating  his  creative  energy  on  composing large-scale  concert works.  His 45 minute Second Symphony received its world premiere in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA on 28th January 2007.

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