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For many years Patrick has composed short pieces of music as gifts for family and friends to mark a special occasion. He has long felt that this idea of creating small pieces of music for individuals at a modest price - like commissioning a photo or artwork to commemorate a wedding or person or achievement would be of great interest.

A few years ago, people thought this unlikely to gain enough support for Patrick to do this full time, or get any return on advertising etc..

But nowadays, with the internet, this is much more cost effective.

So if you have a celebration coming up, and you would like a piece of music written to celebrate the occasion, please contact Patrick below, with the necessary background information:

Who is the music for?

What is their relationship to you?

What is the event if any to be celebrated?

What memorable events has the person experienced during their lifetime. Or is their a particular event that is of significance.

What is the personality and fun idiosyncrasies of the celebratee?

Will you want this performed by live musicians? If so, how many, and what instruments will they play?

Will you require a recording realised through MIDI or using live musicians?

If you would like a song, then Patrick will write lyrics for an additional fee.

Any other information you feel particularly relevant?


The piece will normally be 3 to 5 minutes long.

The cost is approximately GBP100 for a work for a Chamber Ensemble, including a recording realised using midi. For a recording using live musicians, costs would have to be negotiated.

Please send all the above information to:


Thanks for your interest!


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